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What is Fiction?

Fiction is a brand name created by LALOBERINTO focused on state of the art technologies, typography, graphic design, illustration and programming. LALOBERINTO has large experience in the cultural, travel, health sectors and NGO’s. Laloberinto has developed projects in  the Netherlands and Mexico, Italy, Belgium. With FICTION, LALOBERINTO share knowledge and meets fantasy.

Fiction is creativity!

Why do I do it?

I am passioned for design, new technologies and media; focusing on digital productions and cross media applications.

I can help clients communicating with visuals.

Eduardo Pérez

Eduardo Pérez | Laloberinto is a passionate designer born in Mexico, and living in the Netherlands; Eduardo mixes ingredients from his background into his work with colorful eyes. Eduardo Pérez | Laloberinto is a graphic communication designer, Mixed Media Artist and Architect Designer who has followed different design- and art-studies in Mexico, the Netherlands and France.

The artwork of Eduardo has been exposed in different collective and individual exhibitions of photography, design, painting, illustration, video, interactive media; in Mexico, Italy and in the Netherlands. His work has also been presented within musician Rodrigo Sigal’s performances all over the world.

Eduardo has received prizes for his artwork in Mexico and Italy and he is been giving lectures about visual design, innovation and art.

He is the co owner of the clothing brand for Kids “the Ark” 


Francisco Martínez

Specialized in organic agriculture and rural development, Francisco is a lecturer at the HAN University of Applied Science. He is involved in Latin American business studies and  promotes hight Dutch education in Latin America. He is passioned by novel technologies  and actual schemes for commercialization and promotion of products and services.

Juvi Torres

Cross Media designer, born in Lima Peru, now based in The Nederlands.
Studies at the Catholic University of Lima – Peru and University of Cincinnati – USA.
Design is everywhere, we live in a world overwhelm with choices to make. Beyond effective communication I want to contribute adding personality and clarity to the projects I am involve. Design speaks volumes about its moment in history, describes culture, place, values and passions of organizations. Balancing between design and technology easy to use, working together with clients to present a unique vision of the organization they represent is my challenge . By Fiction is fun to get inspired by such a multidisciplinary team with lots of experience.

Marco A. Ortíz

Marco Gomez is a graphic designer born in Mexico City, now based in Barcelona. He is expert in typography applied to editorial design and graphic identity for companies and public institutions.

His philosophy is based on the harmonious building of the space for a typographic intervention and his methodology allows him to target results towards an ad hoc projects conceptualization with a strong planning.

He believes that client’s image is what has to talk, not the designer’s style, being that the only way to really contribute.

In his search of design essentials he has found the the strength of pure forms simplicity as a way to find beauty never renouncing to the basic humanistic composition.

His professional work has been developed in brand management and brand positioning of brands such as Western Union, Money Gram, Larousse, The Coca Cola Company, and several Mexican Government Agencies such as political parties, Cámara de Diputados, Instituto de Desarrollo Deportivo among others.

At Barcelona he has participated on several brand design projects like Laboratori Tipogràfic de Barcelona, Polígons Industrials de Polinyà, Bovok, Goût l’Espagne and Big Bang Colors where he is partner and Creative Manager.

Its activity focuses not only on design production and art but also on academics Having been university professor in both Mexico City (Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana, Universidad Latinoamericana) and Barcelona (Universitat de Barcelona).


Mamascreen is my partner for creating the best quality video and animation productions. Shooting on anyplace in the world with the newest techniques.



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